A slight palette of natural shells and my ideas, combined with thousands of tiny beads – creating together a collection of summer accessories.

For what the sea gifted, I find a design and I create a fashion accessory. They impress my beadwork since I was first collecting shells on the beach. I put my heart in each of every details of my work.

The treasures stole my heart while I was studying in the University about the cultures around the world, and the material environment of the civilizations. I try to build the diversity and the colorful cultures somehow into my extraordinary items.

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Greek shell with pastel blue

Zentangle inspired Tiger Brooch from a rare black scallop shell

I painted it with a toothpick and acrylic paint – then I built the head of the tiger from beads.

Big brown shell brooch

Greek genuine shell necklace in pastel colors

Painted shell – turned into a baby sea turtle brooch: acrylic paint on genuine shell from Italy

Medusa Painted Shell Necklace

Baby turtle brooch from real shell

I painted it with acrylic paint then built its body from beads.

These brooches can be used on hat, on bag, on dress or on your beach scarf

Shell lapel pin

This brooch can give a summer touch to your accessories

Zentangle hand painted shell brooch

“The Zentangle Method is an easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns.”

Refreshing shell bracelet

Hand painted shell necklace

Bohemian summer bracelet