Sometimes arming a bunch of 8-year-olds with paint and markers doesn’t have to result in a disaster. In fact, it can turn into a beautiful work of art! This is exactly what happened to Haley Curfman, a 2nd-grade teacher in Blackwell, Oklahoma. Haley bought a beautiful white dress, set it up in her classroom and encouraged her students to draw on it. The only rule she had – children were not allowed to cross out anything. The result was so amazing it went viral.

This is the second year Haley has done this. Even though her first dress didn’t get much attention online, it was awarded the 1st place at the county fair. The teacher told Bored Panda that she’s a bit surprised about all the attention she got this year. But she’s glad that so many teachers told her about similar projects they did with their students.

Since there are no art classes in her school, Haley tries to find ways to encourage children’s creativity and help them express themselves. “At least once a week I always try to do something in my classroom that lets their creative minds just get flowing”, she said.

Hopefully, we’ll see more amazing ideas from this teacher.  For now, check out her dresses below and don’t forget to read about another teacher who did the same thing to her dress.

More info:

Haley Curfman is a very artistic and creative 2nd-grade teacher in Blackwell, Oklahoma

The picture of the dress decorated with her student’s artwork went viral

As she says in the video below, the theme of drawings for the dress was kindness

For the second time, Haley set up a white dress in her classroom and allowed her students to draw on it

Students awarded their teacher with a beautiful memento

There are no art classes in Hayley’s school, but she tries to boost children’s creativity with her art projects

She get’s very creative with holidays too

Her first dress was awarded a blue ribbon at the county fair

Children were not allowed to cross out anything and start over. This is why the first dress has a giant marshmallow man on it

The teacher wore both dresses for class parties

Haley teaches her students to be kind and work with each other