No matter who or how old you are, every one of us has those days when life just seems to be tougher than usual. And in those difficult moments, an encouraging word from someone who cares about you could be all you need to realize that everything is going to be alright.

Kids are no exception. Going to school, studying and trying to make friends can be much more challenging to deal with than it may sometimes seem to us, adults. The problem is when kids are at school, parents simply aren’t able to be there and support them. That’s why slipping loving encouraging messages inside a child’s school backpack can be a really great way for parents to brighten their little one’s day.

…or you can always borrow an idea from this thoughtful mom. A Facebook user named Amanda Cox, who is also a teacher, has shared a lovely story on her profile that now has more than 600 thousand reacts. Let’s take a look at it!

Amanda shared a photo showing a bunch of pencils laying on some kind of surface and each of these pencils has sweet affirmation words written on it

Image credits: Amanda Cox

And here’s what she wrote

One day at work, Amanda noticed that she’s running out of pencils, so she asked her students to pull out any pencils that they had in their desks. One boy asked if he could keep the pencils that his mom gave him, and, o course, the teacher said yes. But then he changed his mind and decided to give some of them to his classmates.

When the boy gave some of his pencils to the teacher, she noticed that each of them had something written on them. Amanda realized that it was his mom who took the time to write these things on his pencils.

Here’s what was written on these pencils

All these pencils had all kinds of affirmations written on it, for instance, “you are so talented,” “you can do this,” “proud of you every day,” “you are the best” and so on. The teacher thought it was absolutely brilliant.

“THESE are the things that we should be reminding our kids”

Amanda encourages parents to always look for ways to remind their children how amazing and loved they are. “This probably took his mom a few minutes to do yet it lit up his whole day at school,” she wrote in her post. She believes that not only parents but teachers as well should take time to remind kids about these things.

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