They say patience is the key. And this is exactly what Japanese artist Motoi Yamamoto needs besides salt when creating his amazing salt installations. It takes hundreds of hours to create one installation. It’s quite a testimony to artist’s patience and discipline. Yamamoto’s works have guidelines and ideas on how the installations are supposed to look and what they are supposed to represent, but most of the works are created by improvising. Each installation is created by pouring salt from a plastic bottle on the floor.

Yamamoto started creating his salt labyrinths in honor of his sister who had passed away due to brain cancer complications in 1994. Since then the memory of his sister lives in his works. But besides its prior purpose – honoring his sister and creating art, the artist also goes through a sort of a therapy.”I believe salt has a force to heal grief” says Yamamoto. The creation the salt labyrinth requires patience, huge amounts of time and unbelievable dedication. Yamamoto then lets go of his works by inviting visitors to destroy his installations, which signifies transience in everything. People collect the salt from installations into boxes and jars and then return it back to the sea.

Website: Motoi Yamamoto