If we know anything about Ryan Reynolds, it’s that the man has a brilliant sense of humor. Just check out his tweets or the ways he’s trolling Hugh Jackman. You’ll get it. This time, however, Reynolds took a brotherly stab at his other buddy, John Krasinski.

After visiting Animal Embassy, an organization dedicated to the adoption and rescue of exotic animals as well as environmental education, Reynolds made an Instagram post documenting the experience. But with a little twist at the end.

Some people might remember these two having fun in the past as well. When Reynolds and Blake Lively were supporting Krasinski and Emily Blunt’s new film, A Quiet Place, simply attending the premiere wasn’t enough. Their friendship reached new heights thanks to a hilarious exchange on social media.

Everything started when Reynolds praised the film on Twitter, saying he had already seen it twice in one week. On top of that, he mentioned that Krasinski and Blunt are “my new parents.”

Krasinski rode along with the gag, replying, “Thank you Son. Your mother and I are so proud.”

Just hours later, a fan joined their conversation with a photo of Reynolds photoshopped into a red carpet shot of Blunt and Krasinski. So, being the master internet troll who’s quick to interact with fans online, Reynolds responded to the pic: “So proud of mom and papa.” Clearly this joke wasn’t going to die off soon.” He even posted the photo on his Instagram story, so he prove his love for his new parents (and promote their film) once again.

John Krasinski immediately replied, explaining his tender love and care ‘issues’

People loved the funny bit