While some commercials hit all the right spots in tackling some social issues, environmental problems or other great causes, others are just purely touching. So much so, they make us shed a tear or two. And all the while, this jolly season is certainly when we get the most of these, some ads just don’t seem to get where the magic lies. Sure, all Christmas commercials are supposed to have that jolly spirit but some companies just don’t seem to get where it comes from. Peloton with its newest festive commercial proved to be one of them. If you somehow missed all the drama, it all started when Peloton released their Christmas ad a few weeks ago featuring a young, thin mom who receives an exercise bike for Christmas. Even though some may not think much of it, it actually seemed like a very rude gift for most people. In the commercial, the woman makes a video montage of her using the bike for her husband in which she looks really uncomfortable for most of the time. Therefore, when she thanks him for how much she’s “changed”, the Internet automatically assumed the change was mostly regarding her love for the husband who suggested she need to exercise for Christmas

Recently, Peloton came out with their new Christmas “The Gift That Gives Back” commercial that instantly started a dispute on the Internet

Ryan Reynolds then came up with a witty ‘sequel’ for it, “The Gift That Doesn’t Give Back”, featuring the same actress

While the ad got loads of attention, most of it was for all the wrong reasons. As people started questioning what did her change actually mean, Ryan Reynolds decided to seize the moment to promote his “Aviation” gin. He and his team got the same actress from the Peloton commercial to star in his ad and made a little witty “sequel”. While Reynolds is known for his terrific sense of humor, this marketing stunt was probably the most genius thing he could come up with and it gave people exactly what they wanted.

His previous ads had that little touch of humor as well, just like everything else that comes out of this man’s mind

And he even had some of his buddies in the hilarious ads

People on Twitter found his move both genius and hilarious

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