During the filming of the sequel to the hit movie Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds and the crew decided to invite some kids with pretty serious medical conditions on set to meet their heroes. “One of the best parts of playing the Big Red Jackass is welcoming @makeawishamerica and @childrenswishfoundation onto set,” he wrote on Instagram. “Deadpool kicked Cancer in the taint, but these kids do it for real every day.”

Nice move right? Not everyone thought so. “Guys Deadpool is an R-rated movie and those kids are watching it… I think something is wrong here,” was the response of one fan. Fair enough, that’s their opinion and they are entitled to it. I don’t necessarily agree, but I wouldn’t consider it a ‘troll’ either.

Clearly this commenter was in the minority and was quickly shut down, with Reynolds himself delivering his own comeback. “Yup. Deadpool is Rated R,” he said. “If my kid went through a fraction of the s–t these kids deal with daily, I think they can watch whatever they like. That’s just my .02 cents.”

Nice reply! These are some special kids going through some seriously tough circumstances. Perhaps a day on set with a movie-star might be just what they need, so why not focus on the positives? Scroll down to see Ryan and the kids on set, and let us know what you think in the comments!

If you didn’t know it already, Ryan Reynolds is not a guy you can mess with online

Recently he posted a series of pictures of himself as Deadpool with children from the Make-A-Wish foundation

He was very glad to have fans come to visit and clearly, the kids enjoyed it as well

Of course, the internet is full of negative people and Reynolds received this comment

Soon after, though, he delivered an amazing response

Way to go, Reynolds!

Here’s what people thought about the whole ordeal