A cup of good coffee in the morning can mean the difference between a grumpy superhero and a smiling actor. A commercial starring Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman is going viral and it’s none other than his longtime pretend ‘nemesis’ and ‘frenemy’ Ryan Reynolds who does the voiceover.

“The nicest [effing] coffee on Earth,” Reynolds says in the ad for Laughing Man Coffee which Jackman founded. In the promo, we see a whole different side to Jackman. One of the friendliest people on the planet in real life, he pretends to be incredibly bad-tempered while Reynolds ‘trolls’ him with his narration.

Jackman destroys his alarm clock, shouts at some kids to be quiet, and even tells his own adorable dog to go walk itself. All in the spirit of comedy, of course. Scroll down to check out the video and let us know what you think of it, dear Pandas.

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Image credits: RealHughJackman

Ryan Reynolds ‘trolled’ his ‘frenemy’ Hugh Jackman by narrating the Wolverine actor’s coffee commercial. Check out the full ad right here

Image credits: Ryan Reynolds

Reynolds likes to pretend that he and Jackman have a ‘feud’ going on

Image credits: VancityReynolds

In the commercial, Jackman pretends to be very grumpy and mad at the world before he has his first cup of coffee