Donald Trump has said a lot of bold words during his presidential campaign. That’s why agency Sid Lee Collective thought it would be a great idea to create Trump Against Humanity (an unofficial expansion to the popular game Cards Against Humanity).

Trump Against Humanity was presented as “a party game about a horrible person.” As one could suspect, it uses only the words and phrases that the President-elect Donald Trump said publicly. They include “Moving to Canada”, “Make _ great again”, “Yuuuge”, and other precious lines. “We were looking for quotes that lent themselves to the most offensive, absurd, combinations that captured the same twisted sense of humor in Cards Against Humanity,” Sid Lee’s executive creative director, Jeffrey De Silva explained to Mashable. “But Trump did most of the legwork for us, since he can’t seem to go long without saying something ridiculous.”

However, if you are willing to purchase this party game we have some bad news for you. For legal reasons, Sid Lee Collective isn’t able to sell their product anymore.

More info: (h/t: sobadsogood, mashable)

The game uses only the phrases that the President-elect Donald Trump has actually said