A single bad review can make it or break it in the competitive catering industry. So no wonder more and more business owners are not willing to swallow such criticism, especially if they feel it’s undeserved.

You probably remember the Chinese takeaway that went viral not long ago with its savage replies to bad customer reviews.

This time, the Sticky Walnut eatery in Chester has stolen the spotlight after its owner Gary Usher penned a response to a 2-star review left for his restaurant. The reviewer named Rob V called Sticky Walnut a place for ‘Excellent food let down by Ryanair-style management.’

According to the customer, “The restaurant management doesn’t give a toss about customer experience,” and his statement seemed to have seriously triggered the owner Gary.

So Gary rolled up his sleeves, sat himself down at the keyboard and came up with an essay-long mic-drop response that will make it into the restaurant hall of fame for the most savage responses to bad reviews.

Image credits: sticky_walnut

Image credits: sticky_walnut

The reviewer praised the food but criticised the management which he called “Ryanair style”

Triggered by a bad review, the owner Gary penned this jaw-dropping response where he laid it all out on the table

And this is what people had to comment on it