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Stories Of Rescued Animals Educates People, Encouraging Them To Perform Good Deeds
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Animals4 years ago

Stories Of Rescued Animals Educates People, Encouraging Them To Perform Good Deeds

“” was started in 2014. PE “Gyvūnų gerovės iniciatyvos“ (“Animal Welfare Initiatives“) has caught the idea from project “Why We Rescue“ (currently “this wild idea“ ), which involved people from all 50 states of the USA. Given the authorization and moral support from the idea of the authors, a parallel project was initiated in March 2014, in Lithuania (Baltics). This is a photography project where we take candid photos of rescued animals from shelters with their new owners, also publishing their happy-ending stories. The intention of this is to change people‘s view towards adopting shelter animals, encourage them to adopt, understanding that the even the tiniest effort contributes to a better world.

*Brisius is the name of a dog from a sad Lithuanian tale “The End of Brisius” about putting an old dog to death to end his misery. “ne“ means “not“.

Our photographer Vilija Graužinytė is happy that ““ helps to spread good news and optimism, educates people, encouraging them to perform good deeds. “The most important thing is that we show our viewers the bright side, not just the villains hurting the weaker ones. Also, I do not have the opportunity to raise a dog, so during photoshoots, I can play with them.“ – Vilija shares her experiences.

“Photographing these people is simply a pleasure, often I ought to spend half an hour with them, yet I leave after two hours and the atmosphere is filled with endless positive emotions and laughter“ – says the head of the project, photographer Elena Rutkauskaitė.

By now, more that 400 happy adoption stories are published and more than 5000 photos are made by volunteering (free of charge) photographers. Willing to join, fill in the form – contribute, tell your story and inspire others!

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