The world is full of terrifying stories about neglected animals who desperately need our love and help. Speaking for those who have no voice is one of the kindest and most meaningful things a human being can do. While streets are full of abandoned animals without food or shelter, organizations like Animals Lebanon are dedicating all their energy to give neglected animals a second chance at life. And if you feel inspired to be a part of the change, if you ever see an animal suffering, make sure to contact your local animal shelters who can save the poor creature before it’s too late.

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When you first see a photo of these two adorable puppies you wouldn’t think they have survived the most horrible condition you can image

After learning about this story Bored Panda contacted Animals Lebanon rescue group and received more information from the group’s members about the entire situation. Our team has also created a video about this heartbreaking story and its happy ending.

Recently, Animals Lebanon Shelter shared some terrifying photos

The team rescued two animals, one is named Hazel

And the other is Aiden

According to Maggie, “When I first spotted Hazel she looked to me like a ghost: skin and bones, completely bald, with sores, not able to walk simply as she couldn’t stop itching. We thought Hazel was the only survivor until Aiden showed up. He was simply petrified and barely able to walk. And he was running in the middle of the street with people shoo’ing him away.
They would only go out to the nearby dumpster to scavenge for food.”

“All the animals we rescue suffered from severe abuse and cruelty, but when I saw Hazel and Aiden I knew that they need so much more to recover.
And I felt responsible for them, to get them through this and show them – there is no more suffering.”

Slowly both of the dogs started to recover but there still was a long road ahead

Both animals needed a lot of help adjusting to their new environment, they had to learn that not all human beings are cruel and that they could trust the people who were taking care of them at Animals Lebanon.

When both of the dogs started to recover, it was hard to believe how different they actually looked

Turns out both Hazel and Aiden have adorable fur!

Now both dogs are completely healthy and look unrecognizable

If you want to support Animals Lebanon you can make a donation to this rescue group.

You can watch Bored Panda’s video about Hazel and Aiden to learn more about their story!

After learning about this story people jumped to show their support