Someone once said that reality is for those who can’t handle drugs. Well, I’m the one who can’t handle drugs and reality at the same time. Therefore, I decided to take photos. I make pictures of reality in a surreal way, so surreally, strangely, beautiful, such as reality itself, without photo manipulation, simply retouching. 

I have been collecting images of reflection for several years, and I have compiled a collection of them.

Reflection is an easy way to express the beauty of surreality and my own perspective of a world so this is my favorite theme.

My friend and her mirror

This picture is a part of a reportage photo series

At the entrance of a shopping center


Me, myself and I in my own reality

This picture is a showcase of glass. It’s in a busy place and it’s naturally distorted

A shop window near a church

A shop window near a church

Reflective windows

A house on a window

Puddle world

Puddle window

After rain

Sun face on the wall

A forgotten door

Sunny staircase

After a coffee

Shadow reflection