Four Years ago, and while I was changing my used coffee filters of the previous day, I started falling in love with the wet and coffee stained layers, something told me to start collecting my daily used coffee filters. And so I did.

I kept adding a new one each day on a tray in my kitchen. Three months later, I started taking fotos of the dried and wrinkeled filters with different poses. I kept 11 fotos that I liked, and sent them to myself in an email.

Last week, I quietly went back to them, wanting to post one of the original fotos in Instagram, then using only the “Layout application” rotating and rearranging them, zooming in and out trying to digitally form new structures-no photoshop used and all work done in my iphone- I ended up designing 55 new patterns! I am publishing a sample of resulted work here for the first time on Boredpanda. I do hope you like it. The 55 patterns of Curiosity are featured daily, one at a day, in my Instagram; @anknownymous.

Let me know what you think! Love to hear your feedback!

More info: Instagram

Map of pattern

Derivative 1

Derivative 2

Derivative 3

Derivative 4

Derivative 5

Derivative 6

Derivative 7

Derivative 8

Derivative 9

Derivative 10

Derivative 11

Derivative 12