Re-creating childhood photos has become somewhat of an internet trend, and this wonderful and hilarious calendar that the Luxton brothers prepared for their mother for Christmas is probably one of the best examples of this trend that we’ve seen. The premise is simple, and can be recreated by anyone – simply pick out some of your best or funniest childhood memories documented in photos and do everything that you can to re-create them as an adult.

What’s especially heartwarming about these cool photos of Joe Luxton and his brother is that at least judging by some of these pictures, their brotherly bond has only grown stronger as they’ve grown. In other funny photos, the juxtaposition of grown-up brothers and childhood clothing/activities makes for a truly hilarious and/or disturbing combination.

They even got their dad, their uncle, and their dog to participate in this then and now photo project. Depending on your take, the one where one of the brothers is sleeping on his dad’s lap is especially funny/creepy.

It seems like there are a lot of photographers interested in exploring their good memories through photography. Argentinian photographer Irina Werning similarly re-created childhood photos in her Back to the Future series, which we covered in two parts. Chino Otsuka has done amazing work Photoshopping herself into her childhood photos to explore her own identity.

These photo ideas are easy enough to re-create. If you’ve got the time, try digging through your family photos of you as a little kid to see if you can re-create some photos too!

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