I am sentimental. I enjoy making meaningful gifts that tug at the heart strings. Going to the store and buying commercial junk for someone near and dear to me is not appealing.

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I am currently doing a 365 (or 366 as the case is this year) project. To broaden my horizons I look for opportunities to find new subject matter. I work with a girl named Hannah who has become a very close friend. When Mother’s Day was approaching this year, I went to her with an idea for a gift for her mother. I told her to find some old photos of her mom that we could recreate with her as the model.

Hannah’s mom loved the gift, and she was a great model. I was excited to bring these old photos to life again.

This is Hannah’s mom as a little girl

This is Hannah at age twenty- four. We had to get creative and add some bangs

This is an old photograph of Hannah’s Nana (her mother’s mother)

After a little browsing in Goodwill and some hair maintenance, Hannah pulled off the look of her Nana gracefully. I edited the photo to make it look weathered like the original