For a lot of people, getting a tattoo is a big and often once-in-a-lifetime experience. This tattoo artist, Quang Phạm, helps his customers achieve realistic-looking tattoos of their loved ones.

With more than 52k followers on Instagram, Quang shares his best works with his audience, who seem to love the extremely realistic ink on the skin. The artist is usually provided with photo references and his tattoos look like the real thing!

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Quang Phạm is a 40-year-old tattoo artist from Vietnam. When asked why he does these types of tattoos, here's what he said: "Tattoos tell a story. They represent moments in your life. They can rekindle memories, grant loved ones eternal life, or simply make you smile whenever you look at them. When people come in to get a tattoo of their loved one it always makes me smile. Maybe that's why I'm so dedicated to my job."

When it comes to choosing his profession, perhaps the artist always knew what he wanted to do, given how his childhood turned out. "I've liked tattoos... ever since I was a child. The history of them is very interesting and fascinating to me. Why you might think? Well think about it, they date back pretty much as far as humans do, isn't that in itself pretty amazing?"

Before the artist even started working on his craft, he was always fascinated by seeing tattoos on other people too.

"I find tattoos to be simply beautiful. I enjoyed seeing costly tattoos that were intricate works of art on people and stick and poke designs that people themselves created when they were teenagers. Even faded and jumbled tattoos on older people are cool to me because they tell a little bit of a story, and if you question them about the tattoo, they generally have an interesting story to go along with it. Stuff like that is what caught my attention..."

Taking all of that into consideration, perhaps in some cases, especially for the clients of Quang, the best way to express the everlasting nature of love is with a tattoo that honors their loved ones. However, with that being said, before getting tattooed, please make sure you are ready to have something permanent on your skin. Unless you have complete faith in an artist's artistic ability, consider twice before getting a tattoo from them; even then, proceed with caution.

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