There’s a rat in your bathroom. What do you do? This guy from Brazil takes what appears to be a reasonable approach, arming himself with a broom to flush out the rat, and his cat to finish the job. Cats are supposed to useful for catching rodents right?

The scene begins as expected, with our master rat catcher whispering confidently ‘’I’m going to kill the rat”, while his faithful sidekick meows menacingly in the background. Then they get to work, cockily and noisily poking around behind the sink in an attempt to intimidate the rat from its hiding place.

Suddenly, a squeak. This rat will not be intimidated! The pure chaos that ensues will leave you wetting yourself as our rat catcher and his cowardly cat are exposed as the frauds they are, before exiting the scene in a hilariously undignified manner.

No doubting who came out on top in this battle! Rat 1 – Dude and Cat, 0.