Stack of pancakes to ones, UFO saucers to others, but really it‘s just one of the nature‘s miracles – lenticular clouds (Altocumulus lenticularis or, more colloquailly, lennies). This stunning meteorological phenomenon is created by three ingredients: warm and moist air, winds with constant height and something big, like a tall mountain. Simply speaking, when a current of air hits an obstacle in its way, it begins to travel upwards and starts to condense forming a lens-shaped cloud, often from two or more layers. Check out these beautiful examples, we guarantee you a WOW effect.

Image credits: Brian Middleton

Image credits: Steve Price

Image credits: Dementievskiy Ivan

Image credits: unknown

Image credits: John2165

Image credits: Jean-Michel Priaux

Image credits: pasere

Image credits: David Cartier

Image credits: Morgan Tiphagne

Lenticular Clouds Timelapse (watch in HD)