As the European migrant crisis surges on, the attitudes of European countries’ citizens toward ethnic minorities continue to shift and evolve. But just how comfortable would they be with their child pursuing a romantic relationship with someone from a different cultural group?

Back in 2015, the European Commission asked people from all 28 EU member states this very question about interracial couples, among several others, and compiled the resulting data to produce a surprisingly damning report on racial discrimination. On August 12th, 2017, a Reddit user named Bezzleford, who is well-known for creating statistical (and sometimes humorous) maps, decided to draft up a visual component to the report in a Europe map – and now it’s going viral, attracting over 18 thousand upvotes after it was re-posted by Latvian user blueeyedblonde69.

Though these shades of red and green highlighting racism in Europe might come as a shock to some, what’s wilder is that they only represent 4 of the questions asked. According to the original EC study, less than half of all respondents stated that they would approve of their children dating a Roma person, or even a transgender person. Though racism clearly remains a widespread social issue in some regions, the majority of respondents also agreed that new measures should be introduced to protect visible minorities, proving that the EU is still an excellent example for the rest of the world on human rights issues.

See for yourself which countries would be most comfortable with their children dating a Black person, an Asian person, a Muslim, or a Jew below, and which are the most racist countries in the EU.

More info: European Commission – Public Opinion

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