I created miniature race series between Scale models of BMW Z4 and PORSCHE 911.

I used very basic Supplies to create the dioramas and Results are awesome.

Final Scene is yet to post so please follow me on the Instagram to see the Result.

This epic Race is covering Desert to Snow filled the land.

From Lush green farms to cold and dark Caves.

Contender no 1

Contender no 2

Stay tuned for the live coverage

Location 1,Porsche took the lead

Location 2, BMW is using its full power to maintain the lead.

Location 4 ,Porsche Is still trying to took its lost lead but BMW is so strong.

Location 4, finally Porsche is using its full throttle to cover some extra ground.

Location 5, BMW is giving tough competition to PORSCHE lets see for how long

Location 6 , Thats awesome they near to the final location and they are parallel to each other Lets see who will touch the finish line first.

Behind the scene

Behind the scene

Behind the scene

Behind the scene

Making of location 2