I design luxury silver and rhodium plated wine charm sets with real pearls, semi-precious stones or Swarovski elements. Some year ago I was looking for a present to give to friends who love uniqueness and quality. I wanted to give something unique but also useful — so Quintil was born in 2015.

My first motifs are family-related but since I’m Hungarian, I made a Hungarian collection as well, to be able to take a precious souvenir from our beautiful country. Among these there is:

*a little puli- the shepherd dog,

*a paprika-the basic spice of the Hungarian gulyás soup,

*a Rubik cube- Ernő Rubik is Hungarian, who made this world-famous game,

*a “Kalocsa flower”-the basic motif of the traditional Hungarian Kalocsa embroidery,

*and a little pálinka bottle- pálinka is made only in Hungary using only fruits-mostly plums- and a very strong spirit that is equal to a great medicine as well – if you use it well.

Check the collections at my website: www.quintil.hu

More info: quintil.hu