The Queen of the United Kingdom appeared on TV with a rare televised speech on April 5th. She delivered a message of hope amid the current crisis, thanking the front-line medical workers. And while the historic address was enough to make headlines, something else glued the internet memesters to the screens.

It was the Queen’s dress. That bright shade of turquoise green… did someone say "green screen"? After Peter Chiykowski hailed it as “perfect Photoshop bait,” he put everyone on track with some initial royal dress memes. As you can imagine, the rest is history.

The longest-ruling British monarch was dressed in anything from a coronavirus-patterned shirt and a Joe Exotic-inspired top to sinister heavy metal attire. Let’s have a look at some of the funniest Queen dress remakes below. Long live the Meme!

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Bored Panda contacted Peter Chiykowski, the creator of viral Queen "green screen" meme and cartoonist, now based in Scotland, for an interview. A Canadian himself, Peter grew up with the Queen everywhere: in tabloids, on money, on TV.

The idea came as Peter was sitting on a couch, watching the Queen’s speech and thinking “how incredible it was that she was taking the time to address an anxious nation.” It’s only then that he noticed the dress: “that perfect swath of green fabric, so much like a green screen,” and he decided “to commemorate this moment in history in my own silly way.”

Peter said that he got as many reactions as the Queen has outfits in her wardrobe. “Most people are celebrating how fun and silly it is, but early on, one person said that I was being disrespectful.” But the internet had Peter’s back. “Then, someone else photoshopped their comment all over the Queen's dress.” That was the point when Peter knew it—“this was all out of my hands.”

But Peter is no rookie to meme culture. He’s been making comics, short stories, and Star Wars dad jokes for over 10 years now. “Ideas are meant to be shared, and memes are one of the best ways humans have ever found to share ideas with each other,” believes Peter.

Of course, memes are silly, but if they make us laugh—then who cares! “If your joke or a nice sentiment can find someone anxious and make them calm, or find someone lonely and remind them that they're not alone,” said Peter, “then a meme is doing more good for the world than a painting in a fancy gallery.” I can’t agree more!

But nothing is a coincidence when it comes to the royal fashion. Some believe that the Queen’s choice of dress color is a sign of solidarity to medical professionals working tirelessly to save lives and curb the pandemic. Upon taking a closer look, you will see that the particular shade of green is commonly worn by medical staff.

It's been observed that the Queen is usually spotted wearing neon colors for her public appearances. But the real reason is purely practical. According to Sophie, the Countess of Wessex, the Queen’s bright outfits allow the public to catch sight of her through crowds. She explained in the documentary “The Queen at 90”: "Don't forget that when she turns up somewhere, the crowds are so deep, and someone wants to be able to say they saw a bit of the queen's hat as she went past.”

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