My name is Teo Zirinis, (aka HandsOffMyDinosaur!) an illustrator from sunny Athens, Greece.

Like a million other people, I've been a huge fan of comic books ever since I was a kid and my love for them was one of the reasons that made me pursue my passion for illustration.

Aside from comic books, I'm also a big fan of puns, and a lot of my work revolves around them. So I thought I would combine the two and come up with a superhero that I and hopefully others can relate to. I present to you, Patman! I hope you enjoy his adventures.

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I was drawing and doodling ever since I was a kid. All my school books were full of silly sketches and comics. Drawing has always felt like an escape and I've always loved that feeling it gave me of being immersed in my own little world. However, for most of my early adult life, art was only a hobby I had on the side. During that time, I started participating in t-shirt design competitions and discovered various websites that allowed me to sell and showcase my work.

The more time passed, the more I felt like being an illustrator and a designer was what I would like to do, and I kept working towards that goal. I did briefly explore other forms of art before university, but illustrations and comics were always what I loved the most.

A pat pat on the back or the head has always been my go-to reaction whenever I need to comfort somebody, as I can't always find the right words to express myself. I thought a superhero that would just be comforting to the world and would have the pat as a superpower would be a fun character to create. So I put him in situations a superhero might encounter but also in everyday relatable situations. Being a big fan of puns, I thought I'd give a little twist to existing comic titles so they fit with the jokes. And it kind of worked perfectly.

If you saw my other posts on Bored Panda (here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here), you probably noticed that I usually create one-panel illustrations. However, I actually find that creating three of four-panel illustrations is sometimes less challenging than the single-panel ones, as it can make it a little easier to get the ideas and the jokes across.

The part of the creative process I enjoyed the most with this project was looking for all the ways a pat can be used, and combining it with a punny title. 

The inspiration for the comics mostly came from everyday life situations and also from the way I would approach these situations if it was up to me. Like Patman, I have a tendency to walk away from conflict, and I also enjoy a little bit of silliness in my life.

As for the continuation, I have a few more ideas in the works, and hopefully, more will come in the future!

I put together all my Patman strips and self-published a small comic book of his adventures. It's a very small first run, but if all goes well I might print more in the coming months. It's composed of 19 comics, and it can be found in my Etsy shop!

I like to think that my illustrations can bring a little bit of joy and a smile to someone’s face. Drawing makes me happy and ultimately what I aim for is to transmit and share that happiness with whoever is looking at my work.