There’s no doubt that programming is hard. You often get stuck for hours or even days trying to track down bugs in your code. Luckily, programmers are usually very good at solving problems, so it’s not a surprise that they ‘hacked’ debugging and found a better way to approach it.

While it may seem strange, programmers use rubber ducks to make their work a little bit easier. Even though the ducks don’t really do anything on their own, it turns out just explaining the code to them can help a programmer find the problem. The trick is very simple, once you try to explain the problem to someone (or something) else you understand it better and it’s easier to find a fix. Don’t believe us? Scroll below to see what programmers have to say about it!

Debugging can be overwhelming, but programmers have a secret weapon to help them find bugs

As it turns out it’s quite a common thing to do, so next time you’ll see a programmer with a rubber duck don’t get surprised

Image credits: Odkq