I’m Michael and like many of you a victim of bike crime. Coming out of a meetup with friends and seeing your bike has been stolen for the second time is never a nice feeling. Seeing that your bike lock didn’t hold up to being cut through is even worse. After that I was constantly worried about my bike getting stolen when it was chained up outside and speaking to my friends many of them felt the same way.

We decided that as a group with different skills: engineers, marketing professionals, designers, we thought we could do something about this, so we conceived a Smart Lock. We wanted to stop our bikes getting stolen and to also track them if they did.

We obviously realized this was going to be a huge task, but committed two years of our lives, to prototyping, designing, testing, scrapping and trying again.

The end result of the late nights, hard work and maybe a few tears, is a product we are very proud of, possibly the safest lock in the world.

Our lock is made with a hardened stainless steel casing to be tough, GPS tracking so you can track your bike worldwide, motion sensors to alert you of suspicious activity and a 110db alarm to alert those nearby.

We would love to bring this goal nearer to the finishing line so have launched on Kickstarter and would appreciate anyone helping or backing us. Help stop my bike getting stolen for a third time!

More info: kickstarter.com

Some concepts and ideas, it looks less like a spaceship in reality

The design and engineers team with their many prototypes

Watch how the safest bike lock in the world works below: