We are so completely surrounded by advertisements, brands, logos and slogans that we know them by heart – we recognize the Coca Cola melody, we know Nike’s swoosh “Just Do It”, and the mention of the word “Nutella”brings to mind gooey, spreadable chocolate. This new project, in which 23-year-old artist Dorota Pankowska spells out the names of famous brands using their product itself, somehow mocks our knowledge of those famous brands.

Her street art series is called “Pro Bono Promo” – the Latin phrase pro bono means professional work done free of charge, so the work is basically free promotion. Dorota recreates famous brand logos in a weird sort of graffiti that replaces spray paint with that brand’s main product. The artist said that the idea was born during a brainstorming session:  “I thought about expressing my love for Nutella by putting the logo around the city, at which point I asked myself, Why not actually make it out of the stuff?” She says the name “came from poking fun at the fact that this almost looks like free advertising for the companies – with free samples included!”

She plastered, spread and stuck her work on the plain brick walls of Brampton, Ontario, some of which are now covered in colorful tomato ketchup, toothpaste, shaving foam and other logos.

Website: dorithegiant.com