I am a creative director in advertising by day, and an artist by night. Now also a mother! Pregnancy was very, very hard. From swollen feet, to the daily pain of my body getting stretched from the inside, to a “sleep switch” the little man in my belly controlled even when I was driving, to working 50 hour weeks…being a breeder was not connecting me to the Mother Earth Magic. I did not like it. Not at all.

So, when my husband asked me if I was going to do a maternity photo-shoot to commemorate the pregnancy, I laughed it off with a “No way”. I was not ready to put on a flower crown and a flowing gown in a sunlit field. I wanted a nap and to eat watermelon. But I couldn’t sleep because the baby kept kicking my cooter from the inside, and I couldn’t eat watermelon because everything but grilled chicken made me sick.

Then my very sly and proactive partner asked, “Well, what kind of photoshoot would you do?”

I knew immediately:

“First off, you would be in it, and your sisters and my friends because you are all helping me so much through this (they totally were – I got through it because of my amazing support network) ….and we’d be badass cave b*tches, with furs and weapons and riding big cats – Frank Frazetta style sexy barbarian babes, because this is HARD, and we are doing it anyway. Mommahood is fierce, and I feel fierce. I just don’t feel glowy and flowery.”

His next words were, “Well…Then do it.” And by golly, I did. It took a year, working in tiny increments after the baby arrived – but I finished. Then I followed up with my baby’s own “80’s Straight To VHS” poster.


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Le Clan Poster – They say it takes a village to raise a child

Process GIF for Le Clan

Year One Poster