Autocorrect might be annoying when you’re trying to fast-type a message to your mom, but a writing team at Botnik Studios just used the software behind it to create a truly hilarious piece of Harry Potter fanfiction, and it’s the best thing we’ve read all year.

According to Botnik writer and editor Nat Towsen, the computer-augmented book title (Harry Potter and the Portrait of What Looked Like a Large Pile of Ash) and its supposed thirteenth chapter was created using a ‘predictive keyboard’ – a text generator that tries to guess what the next word typed will most likely be. They set up its algorithm by training it on all 7 original Harry Potter novels, prompted it with some guiding articles, then let it go to town on the World of Wizardry.

Towsen composed the final result by arranging the funniest pieces of copy his team ended up with into a (somewhat) coherent narrative, and added his own touch here and there to make it read more smoothly. If this is any indication of what AI might be able to do if given the power to write our next bestsellers for us, we might be in for a treat.

Scroll down to read the knee-slapping ‘chapter’ for yourself, and take Botnik’s predictive keyboard for a spin here.

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A team of writers at Botnik Studios just used the software behind autocorrect to create the funniest project

We’re pretty sure it got even more rave reviews than the original series