Model: Sophie Spakman

Photographer: Daniel Chorup

Special effects make-up and styling by me

This one was a big project. It was made for my final exam in my makeup school. The whole costume is handmade from scratch. It was my first time working with worbla (thermoplastic). I also made the silicone baby alien. I had a funny incident with it. I used this costume for IMATS London (a big makeup competition). So I had to take this costume on a plane. Because I was still stressed out after my exam as this was only 1 week apart, I forgot to take off the nerf gun from the shoulder. And you can't take any fake weapons on board. The customs guy told me to throw it away, so I did. But of course, I also had the alien baby in my carry on luggage. I had to tell the customs guy that I have a baby alien in my suitcase, after telling I had a gun and a big knife (on the leg armor). This guy looked at me like I was a freak. Finally, I could bring the knife and the baby alien with me, but it took me 1.5 hours to get through customs.


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