My husband and I did not know what to do for our pre-wedding photoshoot. We are both shy and actually hate posing for photos (which is kind of an irony considering I am a photographer). With the wedding coming up I had this crazy idea of turning our photo session into something with a purpose.

As I have always loved animals and supported their cause, I suggested doing our photos as an incentive to pet adoption. So, I called some NGOs and one of them totally agreed with our idea.

When the day came, we actually did not felt like we were at a photo session. It was an awesome day in which we played with cats, kittens, puppies and even participated in a physiotherapy session. We really loved the result.

All animals in the photos were rescued and taken care by the NGO until they find a forever home. I hope this stimulates more and more people to visit rescued animals centers and mainly, to adopt.

Oh, and of course, we ended up taking home our second cat, our little goofy, Pancake (last photo).

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Meet Pancake!