On 2016 07 14 one more tragedy stroke France. This time, the beautiful city of Nice was marked by terror when a truck drove into a crowd of people. More than 80 people were killed.

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Artists from all around the world pay their tribute to all affected by the tragedy. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Show your solidarity with Nice today by contributing to the list below. #PrayForNice #PrayForWorld

#2 ‪#PrayForNice‬ After The Terrorist Attack

‪#PrayForNice‬ After The Terrorist Attack

Pictoline Report

Charles Laster 1 year ago

What sort of person looks at children, elders, and people in their prime cheering the fireworks and freedom of their people, and believes God says, they're sinners. Run them down with your truck.

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#3 France


FadiToOn Report

Koko Sempai 1 year ago

Oh my god that's deep

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#4 This Was Drawn To Say That The Summer Had Arrived...

This Was Drawn To Say That The Summer Had Arrived...

Clément Martel Report

Michel Guntern 1 year ago

No going down to the beach today. Words can not convey my totally sadness and sickening feeling deep inside. C'est Pas Vrai! #ViveLaFrance #JeSuisNice

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#7 For Nice

For Nice

Marc Murphy Report

Cee Mor 1 year ago

so very very very sad

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#9 Pray For Nice

Pray For Nice

swaha Report

Koko Sempai 1 year ago

I hate these red tyre traks

#10 Pray For Nice

Pray For Nice


Marta Sobilo 1 year ago

Best one

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#14 Be Nice

Be Nice

Jean-Charles de Castelbajac Report

Emmanuel L'Hostis 1 year ago

Être Nice, Oui, pourtant eux ne sont pas gentils.

#15 ‪#‎PrayForNice‬


Mamamia Report

Julie Kö 1 year ago

Ooh yea, a watermark is so important atm. Like, Showing your sympathy is great, But why Are These horrible attacks Used as an Art-Career push lately?!