The Japanese illustrator known as Avogado6 uses the language everyone understands—and that is no language at all. It's probably because the delicate topics and complex emotions he conveys are too difficult to describe with words, so this artist chooses thought-provoking visual stories in his unique style. Most of his illustrations are like pills, each containing the flaws of our society and mental struggles. And I must admit, some of them are really hard to swallow. His emotion-fueled, dark, and disturbing illustrations talk about things you wish no one relates to; however, it's a pretty accurate, yet haunting, depiction of the depths of our world.

We've previously shared the artist's artwork here and here, and today we have collected some of the greatest illustrations he has done in the last few years. Don't forget to upvote your favorites and discuss the messages in the comments!

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Despite gaining 1.6 million followers on Twitter and 305k fans on Instagram, Avogado6 has managed to stay anonymous in the public space. All we know is that he calls himself "an ordinary person," likes chemistry, and his profile photo is a portrait of the famous Italian scientist Avogadro. His illustrations, though, are far from ordinary and will probably make you feel a little more than you have planned today and reflect on the world we live in.

Avogado6 has been posting his art since 2017 and has created hundreds of images ranging from anything that comes from the deepest crevices of the soul to rare heartwarming pieces, but each illustration never fails to evoke emotion. He tackles uncomfortable topics such as death, poverty, family struggles through the eyes of a child, abuse, tolerance and equality, unhealthy social media consumption, depression, loneliness, and more. Most of his works are powerful and dark, yet you will find some sweet artwork that usually features animals thrown here and there to catch your breath.

Reading and understanding Avogado6's visual stories is an open-ended process to which each individual brings their own life experiences and emotions. However, each of the artist's illustrations has a title that suggests the deeper meaning of it. Although it's in Japanese, an active Instagram community offers English translations and a discussion under each artwork, sharing their feelings and personal experiences.

The artist has also published several books with his illustrations and comics and you can find some of them on Amazon here, here, here, and here.

There is a lot to criticize about the modern world, from politics and consumerism to environmental issues, technology, and interpersonal relationships and many artists around the world use their art as a tool to bring light to these issues and help people reflect on them. Most of them choose a dialogue approach just like Avogado6, so if you like this artist's work, you might also want to explore the thought-provoking art of Alireza Pakdel, Al Margen, John Holcroft, Daniel Garcia, Michal Dziekan, Davide Bonazzi, and Barbara Daniels, among many others on Bored Panda.

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