The creative community at DesignCrowd was challenged to recreate iconic artwork to feature famous politicians from around the world.

The splendid suggestions featured fantastic Photoshop skills that incorporated a clever use of light, brushstrokes, and color. Ideas ranged from Hillary Clinton as the Mona Lisa to a post-impressionist Vladimir Putin, and a modern power couple…

More info:

American Gothic, With Hillary Clinton And Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin As Vincent Van Gogh

David Cameron As Bacchus

Donald Trump As Young Boy In Pink

Dilma Rousseff And Barack Obama In American Gothic

Angela Merkel Is Girl With The Pearl Earring

François Hollande Replaces Napoléon Bonaparte

Hillary Clinton As Mona Lisa

Narendra Modi By Rembrandt

Kim Jong-Un As The Son Of Man

Vladimir Putin Replaces Napoleon Crossing The Alps

Dilma Rousseff As Pauline De Broglie