Polish designer based in Scotland connects the inherent simplicity of geometry with the complexity of parametric design, creating a striking, distinctive and truly unique lighting collection.

Searching to uncover the natural beauty hidden within the brutal concrete raw material, she has combined a selection of neutral, pastel colour tones, with strong three-dimensional forms, and a bespoke shading arrangement inspired by parametric patterns.

Presented either with or without the impressive shading element, the lamps can be individually tailored to best suit the desired effect and mood of the specific environment, offering sophisticated and dramatic solutions to a variety of interiors.

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She begins by creating templates for the laser cutting machine using CAD software

The plastic templates are then folded to generate the moulds for the concrete elements of the design

She casts the concrete in the custom-made moulds to create the sleek lamp forms

CAD techniques are again utilised to produce the shading templates complete with parametric patterns ready to be laser cut

The results are simply stunning!

Floor lamp

Table lamp

Pendant lamp