There are few things in this world more satisfying than watching a sexist, body-shaming creep get reduced to nothing by the Twittersphere. It just happened a few days ago when a South African man turned plus-size model Lesego Legobane, also from SA, into a degrading meme that compared her to a thinner woman. What followed was a take-down of epic proportions.

Referring to the more slender model, Joëlle Kayembe, as “girls I like,” and Legobane as “girls that like me,” he not only insulted curvy women everywhere, but also implied that women should only be ‘liked’ based on their weight and appearance. Are we seriously still dealing with these archaic standards in 2017?

Luckily, the Internet swooped in to mercilessly bury the unsuspecting creep under a layer of clapbacks so dense, it could survive an apocalypse. They didn’t even have to, though, because ‘Leeyonce’ herself delivered the most scathing burn of them all – with just 4 words. Scroll down to see how it all happened, and let us know if you think this was the most entertaining Twitter roasting of the year.

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Meet Lesego Legobane, aka Leeyonce, a plus-size South African model who just won the entire Internet

Image credits: thickleeyonce

It all started when a random guy on Twitter used her image, without permission, in a degrading meme

In response, Leeyonce delivered one of the simplest, yet most scathing comebacks we’ve ever seen


*Slow clap*

The Internet had absolutely no time for sexist, body-shaming rhetoric this time around…

And people proceeded to hilariously roast the offending beyond the point of any possible return

I mean, he did try to return, but it worked out about as well as his initial ‘joke’


The other woman whose photo he lifted to use in his meme even came forward to help shut him down


Leeyonce remains unfazed by it all, as should all women in the face of body-shaming

Image credits: thickleeyonce

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