Sculptor Brett Kern, who creates incredibly realistic ceramic sculptures that are almost indistinguishable from light and fluffy inflatable toys, is a master of illusion. By carefully arranging every wrinkle, Kern turns solid ceramics into what looks like air-filled dinosaurs, astronauts, balloons and whatnot. The brightly glazed exteriors on each piece are complemented by false golden valve stems. As if you could open it and poof! – the dinosaur’s gone.

The pop artist says he is a true “city child” and always enjoyed watching movies or playing video games over any outdoor activities: “Movies, television, toys and games dominated the cultural landscape of my youth. <…> I wouldn’t be making dinosaurs right now if Jurassic Park never came out. I wouldn’t be casting pizza if I never saw Ninja Turtles.” According to Kern, he feels like a preserver of that specific time period. “I find that the mold-making process imitates, in a certain way, the fossilization process. Objects are covered in a material that captures their shape and texture and this, in turn, preserves the object as a rock-like representation”, – said the artist.

Take a tour through Brett’s work on his gallery, which even has a 3D section that you can check out if you have 3D glasses. His work is also available in Etsy store.