Bored from studies I quit everything when I was 18-years-old and started traveling around the world. Now I’m 27 and have visited 97 countries, From Nigeria in Africa to North Korea in Asia.

I always travel on a low budget and I never use guidebooks. Here are some of the hidden beauties around the world.

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Pakistan truck

A truck in front of Attabad lake in Northen Pakistan.

Larung Gar, China

I went to Larung gar in western Sichuan in China and visited the biggest Buddhist school in the world.

North Korea

I went to North Korea on a low budget and this was the view from my hotel.

Katski Pilar, Georgia

I went to this church in Georgia and stayed there for a night.

Esfahan, Iran

Tadjikistan wedding

I was lucky to get invited to a wedding in Tadjikistan.

Mt.Everest from Tibet side

I was lucky to visit MT.Everest basecamp 3 times. 2 times from Nepal and 1 time from Tibet.

Registan, Uzbekistan

The amazing Registan in Samarkand, Uzbekistan. one of the most impressing buildings anywhere in the world.

One of the old forgotten boats where the Aral Sea used to be in Uzbekistan.