“Phototherapy” is a project that has been created with the aim to help coping with anxiety and depression. Projecting my emotions in the creative process of a photography makes me able to give them a shape and to define them as well as studying them and dicredeting them eventually.

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Using my own self as the subject of every picture makes me able to re-experience every situation with an inward-looking and I can therefore take therapeutic benefit from what I can get from every new comparison. Every photo is a challenge and every victory makes me stronger. Phototherapy is a project updated on a daily basis until I won’t have anything to express anymore, until I’ll make it and I’ll recover.

More info: phototherapyproject.tumblr.com

Oppression, 2015

Habitat, 2015

Showcase, 2015

Disappear, 2015

Fake Balance, 2015

Body Shield, 2016