It's a well-known stereotype that guys care less about the details when it comes to aesthetics; we are kinda chill about things like lighting, mood and colors, just as long as the desired message gets across. This post reinforces that cliché and then some; it's girlfriend's pics of their beloved Vs boyfriend's efforts.

You can see the method in the girlfriend pics: nice lighting, a good angle and the timing of pose that suggests that she took a few photos at the same time and chose the best one.

On the other hand, the boyfriends. The timing suggests they took a few and chose the worst one, or simply waited until they could capture her at her most hilariously awkward. Because, you know, it's funny!

Perhaps it's just a matter of goals. Maybe girlfriends want to photograph their guys at their smoldering best, capturing not just their looks but their unique personalities too, because that's what she would want. Boyfriends might prefer a funny, goofy shared memory of good times, who cares about your 'good side?'

Either way, the list makes for some hilarious comparisons so you know the drill: Scroll on down and check them out for yourself!

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