I’m a 21 year old norwegian photograph, and when I was 19 I spent one year at something called a “folk high school”.

A quick overview of what a folk high school is:
Folk high school is where teenager and young adults live together for one year, and chose to do what they’re passionate about or have an interest in. It costs a lot of money, but included in the price is board and lodging, a room single or shared, travels and much more.

There are no exams or grades, and you will get 2 credits.
In Norway there are 78 folk high schools, and over 300 different subjects to choose from. Popular subjects is outdoor activities like skiing and hiking, another popular subject is photography.

Foreigners are also aloud to attend! At my school there were students from, USA , Nederland and Finland, and they didn’t speak Norwegian. The teachers spoke english until the students could understand the language.

I chose photography and traveling in Sogndal. This included an interrail trip, exploring Norway and finally a “vacation” to Vietnam. It was the best year I ever had.

The photos in this post were taken together with my class when we explored a glacier. Lucky for us it was cold enough to go into it. It was a magical feeling to be in the cave, and the blue color gave us the feeling of being under water. I remember I had to crawl in a small space to get some of the photos, none of the other students did this. The cave is in Sogn and fjordane – Nigards glacier – Norway.

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