Barcelona-based photographer Jordi Puig is on a mission to make photography accessible to all. Puig wants to show us that you don't need fancy equipment to take captivating photos; just a little bit of creativity and practice. And he's putting up really convincing cases.

The photographer is accompanying his shots with behind-the-scenes footage, teaching people how to achieve their desired look or effect. Bored Panda already wrote about Puig's clever tricks here and here, but he keeps posting new ones, so we have to keep covering them. They're just that good.

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Photographer Jordi Puig Batlló receives a lot of help from his brother with producing these stunning images. Puig's photography style -- heavily cinematic -- is inspired by his previous work as a filmmaker.

"Everything can have an artistic point of view," he told INSIDER. "I can photograph anything. The main point is about finding the angle, the impact, the perspective."

Though the images sometimes look photoshopped, the special effects turn out to be cleverly used everyday objects pretty much anyone can find around their home. 

"I would define myself as an artist, crazy like my photography, but at the same time, a person who knows how to enjoy daily life," Puig said.

"That's why my photography style is marked by simplicity and daily things."

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