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Photographing Naughty Dogs
User submission
Animals5 years ago

Photographing Naughty Dogs

The heading I’ve chosen is really a little misleading, as I myself don’t believe there is such a thing as a naughty dog. But a lot of my mum’s and dad’s, start the conversation by telling me “oh you’ll never get a picture of my dog, he’s/she’s so naughty ” or ” I’d love to book a photo shoot with you but there’s no point, my dog never stays still, never listens, is a difficult dog” and plenty more comments in that vein.

I hope you find this information useful and it helps to reassure you how achievable it really is to capture beautiful images of our canine friends because 99% of my photographs are taken of these energetic, excitable, easily distracted, supposedly naughty doggies. So what does it take?


More info:

Believing something is possible, make it possible

Puppies are a joy to photograph, staying calm and patient will get you your shot

Ronnie the Boxer Dog was here, there and everywhere. We had no other option but to keep him on the lead

Using treats is a great way to place your dog where we want him/her. Neville the Devil really got into the spirit of his portrait shoot. Jack Russell’s are so much fun aren’t they?

Some dogs love their balls. I use this as a way to interact with them and gain their attention. Gracie the Cockapoo doesn’t go anywhere without her ball

Other dogs respond to whistles and squeaky toys but Henry here, was happy to pose for me, your dog could surprise you to, as he did his mum. What a majestic boy

My dalmation Lily, will always avoid the camera if she can but with a little patience, I always manage to capture her whilst out on our walks


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