I occasionally take on requests to restore damaged family photos in Photoshop. Some of these photos have suffered heavy damage, and I enjoy that particular challenge. Most are precious in one way or another to the client, and many times it’s the only photo someone has of a beloved or lost relative. I think it’s important to take one’s time when restoring such photographs. It’s easy to use shortcuts, but the best results come from meticulous care.

The only photo a man had of his mother, who died when he was born.

An early 20th century family photo.

Removed tubes from a baby photo.

Repaired emulsion loss from the only photo of the subject as a child.

A cat destroyed this favorite photo of a beloved uncle.

Repair of the only photo of the client’s mother from her youth.

Repair and colorization of a long lost relative.

Restoration of a vintage photo with a large shadow.

Only photo of an ancestor as a child.

A woman’s only photo of herself as a young child, and the only image of her grandparents.