We are photographers from Europe and we in live a beautiful Tuscan villa to create together, learn from each other and exchange ideas. On the last day, the flowers stylists and designers of FluidaDesign had an idea and challenged us to an experiment.

They set up a large flower arrangement in the most beautiful room of the villa. Each photographer should photograph these flowers together with a model. But no one was allowed to see the arrangement before and everyone had only 15 minutes time.

It was a lot of pressure, but also incredibly fun. And the results speak for themselves. I think it’s nice to see how different the styles of each photographer are, in spite of the same settings.

More info: fluidadesign.com

Photo: Chris Hieronimus

Photo: Lukas Wawrzinek

Photo: David Uzochukwu

Photo: Alessio Albi

Photo: Adi Dekel

Photo: Alexander May

Photo: Laura Zalenga

Photo: Hanna König

Photo: Katja Kemnitz

Photo: Martin Valentin Fuchs

Photo: Rafael Xypsilon

Photo: Samantha Evans