Rabbits are extremely cute creatures and great friends. If you have a luck to share your house with a rabbit, you know that this fluffy guy totally occupies your attention. He puts his nose into your affairs, makes you look foolish, plays on your nerves, jumps all around like crazy, and makes your day.

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It all started 2,5 years ago when we brought a rabbit named Julius (and since rabbits are all about territory, he immediately occupied the whole place). He made up his own rules in our apartment. He loves hidden places and hidden things, he adores cables and curtains, he may get bored in the middle of the night and asks to entertain him and he grunts if something goes against his rules. However, he totally accepts us on his territory. He eats with us, loves watching TV together and adores being petted. While watching him, I illustrated some of his habits that make you imagine a life with a rabbit.

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Beware The Mines


KamerenDunkley 2 years ago



Eating And Sleeping Is Exhausting


TungCao 2 years ago

Haha just like me :))


Dogs Are Great


Rism 2 years ago

Cute pug