When I’m walking by the beach it is disturbing how much garbage the sea brings back, how much plastic. It is more disturbing when we see pictures of what it does to our planet, our home.
Mandarina thought what to do with this plastics to prevent them to reach the seas. Wanted to make an environmental impact in a different way, in a good way.
In 2014 MandarinaCrafts took advantage of the bright colours, the vibrant reflections by the sun and started to turn PET plastic bottles into necklaces, earrings, bracelets with an organic looking inspired in whelks and an urban and exotic looking inspired in mandarin lanterns.
Each and every piece unique against the mass production of plastic bottles. Each one is handmade so none is 100% alike of other.
A big sense of design, creativity and eco responsibilty are the guidelines to this project.

More info: etsy.com