When we furnish our apartments or homes, it’s easy to forget our adorable pets. Getting tiny furniture matching those used by you just for your cat or dog might be a bit extreme, but most of these pieces of pet furniture are useful for both people and their pets.

Some of these cool furniture pieces serve dual purposes. The rocking chair and dog house sofa, for example, both give your pet a cozy place to relax near their owner. Others, like the overhead cat house or fish tunnels, are probably more useful/fun for pets rather than people. However, they might make your pets happier by making their home environment more dynamic. Cats especially love tight spaces to hide and crawl around in, so it seems like they might appreciate some of these pieces.

Most of the furniture provides pets with comfortable places to rest, but some, like the cat climbers or the dog bowls, give them functional advantages as well.

Which of these clever ideas did you like the best? Would you get any of these cat or dog furniture pieces for your home?

 1. Cat-Friendly Modular Bookshelf

Designed by Corentin Dombrecht

2. Dog House Sofa

Designed by Seungji Munei

3. Cat Grass Table

Designed by Emily Wettstein

4.  Indoor Dog House

Image credits: unknown

5. Pet and Person Rocking Chair

Designed by Paul Kweton

6. Cat Tunnel Sofa

Designed by Seungji Mun

7. Cat Transit System

Designed by becausewecan.org

8. Wall Pet Beds

Designed by Akemi Tanaka

9. The Kittyloft

Designed by uhuru

10. Pipeline Fish Tank

Image credits: The Contaminated

11. Coffee Table Hammock

Designed by Koichi Futatsumata

12. Bedside Table/Dog House

Designed by madshome

13. Cat Transit System

Designed by Asahi Kasei

14. Dog House/Fort

Image credits: unknown

15. Outdoor Catwalk

Image credits: nekomomo

16. Cat Crib Hammock

Designed by catcrib.com

17. Planter/Animal Home

Designed by Jardin Chic

18. All-In-One Cat Bathroom

Designed by elipsdesign.com

19. Kitchen Dog Bowls

Designed by artisankitchensinc.com

20.Radiator Cat Bed

Available at amazon.com

21. Overhead Cat Playgrounds With Walkways

Designed by goldtatze.com