Have you ever had a job that you wholeheartedly hated? A job that absolutely sucked? Or maybe that’s how you feel about your current job? If your answer is yes, this article might have the potential to make you feel at least a tiny bit better.

Recently, a popular LA-based influencer with more than 10 followers on the socials has listed a personal assistant job ad. And it’s absolutely ridiculously terrible. Many people are savagely roasting this ad, some are concerned and some were left speechless. The listing has since been deleted, but luckily a user named TaylorLorenz saved it and has recently posted screenshots of this listing on Twitter.

Just take a look yourself

“A well known celebrity/influencer with 10+ million followers is seeking a well organized/available/diligent personal assistant to join her team,” the listing reads

If you want to become this influencer’s “part-time” personal assistant, you’re gonna have to do A LOT of things. Some of the fan’s favorite requirements include being on the property around 8 hours a day, cleaning, cooking, communicating with producer, videographer, editor, manager, stylists, cleaning services and friends, being on call almost 24/7, keeping “all emotion/private life matters completely away from this world,” being expected “to be with the client all the time,” being able to handle hundreds of small tasks at once and many more.

“Actual work hours will be flexible, but generally expect to be with the client all the time”

Moreover, you’ll have to wake the client each day with schedule, coffee and other requests, constantly communicating with brands, managing their social media accounts, assist on video projects, schedule travelling, the list goes on.

Also, you “MUST live 40-60 minutes away from Los Angeles,” must have a car and drive them anywhere at any time of the day, have to always stay calm, professional and quiet, you’ll be allowed to have only few days off and you must be able to travel internationally anytime.

And you’re gonna have to do all of this for $25-30 an hour.

People were confused to say the least

Some thought this whole thing was absolutely terrible

Some seemed quite concerned

Some were inspired to share their own experiences of working as personal assistants

And one of the users ACTUALLY applied