Many of us have eagerly ripped open a bag of our favorite chips, only to be struck with a tragic mix of disappoinment and resentment after it becomes clear that the promised bounty of vaguely potato-based goodness is nothing but a few sad looking shards clustered pathetically at the bottom of the bag.

Well Ross Hudgens, founder of content marketing company Siege Media, is here to save the day. Using a water displacement method to ensure accurate results, Ross presented his findings for Kitchen Cabinet Kings, whose post soon went viral as people were shocked, amused and thankful for this most interesting and relevant information.

Armed with this knowledge, consumers now know which brands offer the best bang for their buck, and can get rid of that chip on their shoulder. Scroll down to check it out for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments!

Ever wondered how about the air to chip ratio of your favorite brands?

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